VanBrewers AGM Feb.2, 2013

The AGM is coming up on February 2nd. The perfect time go see what we do, meet the members and join! AGM starts at 12:30 sharp. Membership signup and renewal will happen between 11:30 and noon. Cost is $20 to sign up. Only current members will be allowed at the AGM. It will be held at Parallel 49's new warehouse located at 1993 Pandora Street, Vancouver. Enter through the back alley. A sign will be posted.

Once the AGM is wrapped up, we will have our annual winterfest and fundraiser. This will be from 2 to 6pm. Suggested donation of $10 to attend. Any members that bring a keg or enough bottles to share with everyone will be given a raffle ticket and prizes will be awarded. Since the space is being donated, be respectful and clean up after yourself.

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  1. I am relatively new to homebrewing and have never been to a VanBrewers meeting. When you say to bring “…enough bottles to share with everyone…” — approx how many people are expected? I would love to get some honest feedback about my brews, but I’m not sure if I have enough for “everyone”…

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