Harvest/Oktoberfest Competition

As you all should be aware (I did tell you months ago to brew for these styles!), Vanbrewers and the BC Beer Awards are hosting a public competition for Harvest and Oktoberfest style beers.  Think fresh hops, pumpkin, festbiere, etc.  Judging will be per BJCP Style Guidlines, but the Best of Show round will focus only on Harvest/Oktoberfest styles.  First place will be brewing their beer with Nigel and Conrad over at soon-to-be Brassneck Brewing.  That beer will then be available for the 2013 BC Beer Awards.  Pretty sweet, right!


Drop off for this FREE competition is going to be at the September meeting (the 27th), or  at Matt's house after that.  Bottles must be free of markings and labels, caps unmarked or blacked out, and a BJCP Bottle ID tag attached.  The cut-off date is October 5.  We will not be accepting entries after this date.


If you have any further questions, contact Scott.  Cheers!

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  1. Can we enter more than one beer?

  2. Hi there, I’m new to the city and this site, but have a brew I’d like to enter. However, I only have 500ml bottles, can I enter with one of those?

  3. Awesome! Would you be able to provide me with Matt’s address by any chance?

  4. Looks like I found VanBrewers about a week too late…

    Any chance someone could let me know where to look up the upcoming Vancouver/BC homebrew comps? I’ve been brewing for 6-7 years now and would like to get some more official feedback on my brews.


    Sean. – My recipe log.

  5. Hi! I’m new to this site. Bummed that I missed the cut-off for the competition. Is there a meeting this month (on the 25th?) Thanks!

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