Summertime Brews! Saturday August 11.

Summertime Brews is the Vanbrewers summer fundraising event. Guests are encouraged to bring kegs or bottles of beer to share (and equipment to share said kegged beer). Your generosity will garner you free entry to the event. Our door person will use their discretion when charging. For example, if you bring one keg YOU get in for free. If you bring two kegs, YOU still get in for free, but only you. This is a fundraiser for our club, after all.

We'll be smoking 50 pounds of meat for pulled pork sandwiches, and beef/veggie burgers will be grilled up, so if you require something else (vegetarians and vegans..that's you!) please contact Scott via We'll have some veggie burgers available, so if you need something other than this please bring it. Do feel free to bring a side dish to share should you feel so inclined.

As always, signing up for membership will be possible during the day.

Address: 26 E 50th Ave (Backyard)

Starts at 2pm!

I guess fees might be a good thing to mention.

Members: $20, waived if bringing in beer.
Non members: $25
Food: TBD, around $5-10.
Awards sponsors: Welcome!

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