March Club Meeting

As always, our March club meeting will be the last Thursday of the month on March 26th, doors open at 7:00pm.

Bring your own taster glass and some homebrew to share. And as always, the VanBrewers Code of Conduct will be in effect. Don't drink & drive, and be nice.

We'll have presentations from Matt Anderson on making bacon, and Alvaro Reyes on Saccharomyces Eubayanus. If you've been to the last few meetings you know we've finally outgrown the Legion Hall, so look for a new location this month -- nope, we're at the Legion for at least one more month.

As well, we'll be accepting entries into the March Club Only IPA Competition -- if you want a shot at the title please bring at least two 12oz bottles of IPA (BJCP 2008 Guidelines - Style 14A B or C) to the March meeting. If you have never entered a competition this is a great way to see the process and get feedback.

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February Meeting

This month we'll have a presentation from Nathaniel Senff on his RIMS setup. RIMS stands for Recirculating Infusion Mash System, and it's used for maintaining a consistent mash temperature, as well as changing temperature in a step mash and for mashout. Check out this BYO article from a while back for more info.

For those in on the apple juice order from November, this meeting will be the tasting night. Bring your cider!

Surprising no one, the meeting will be upstairs from the Legion Hall at 2205 Commercial Drive, 7pm start time. Bring your own taster glass and some homebrew to share. And as always, the VanBrewers Code of Conduct will be in effect; don't drive and be nice.

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Winter AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Vancouver Homebrewers Association will take place on February 7, 2015, 12:30pm sharp, at Callister Brewing Co. - 1338 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC.

Only paid-up members may attend the AGM - renewals and new memberships will be taken, but if you need to sign up before the AGM, try to arrive a little early (say 11:30). We will do all the usual AGM stuff: review the past year's activities, status report on finances, and elect a new executive for the coming year. You must be present at the AGM to vote.

There will be a private party at Callister following the AGM, for VanBrewers members and limited numbers of VanBrewers guests. Doors for the party will not open until the AGM is complete, likely 1:30-2:00pm. If you bring a corny keg (or equivalent) to the party your entrance fee is waived, otherwise a donation may be required. Kegs may be dropped off at Callister during their regular business hours in the week leading up to the AGM, and can be retrieved the next day.

We would appreciate as much volunteer help as possible to get to set up for the event, and to bring interesting beverages, food or other materials. Contact your friendly neighbourhood exec member if you can arrive early to help - or just show up!

Note that you MUST NOT DRIVE to or from the AGM or after-party. In addition to being stupid, drinking and driving is a violation of the VanBrewers Code Of Conduct (attached - applicable to all VanBrewers and party attendees) and will result in expulsion from the club. Get a ride, take the bus, bring a Car2Go, and make sure that your ride home is arranged before you arrive, as VanBrewers and the membership reject any liability for you doing something crazy like drinking and driving.

Here's to a fun and brewy 2015!

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T-Shirts and Glassware

The exec has been (hard?) at work making things happen as of late. The best fruits of our labours are these two great products.

T-shirts are 20 for the Crew Neck, $25 for the V-necks. Available at all VanBrewer events, as well as the BC Beer Awards this weekend.


The Spieglau glasses (damn they're nice, right?) are $18 each, or two for $30. Compare that to $42-ish on amazon for the two IPA glasses...


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October Meeting

We're not far off the last Thursday of the month, and you know what that means. The next club meeting is October 30 at 7pm. Same place as always, above the Legion on Commercial Drive. No award for wearing a costume, but I'm sure there'll be something pumpkin spicy waiting for you. (As always, bring your own tasting glass and some homebrew to share.)

This month's presentation will be about off flavours. See you there!

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November Special Event: Ron Pattinson Historical Beers Presentation

VanBrewers is pleased to announce that Ron Pattinson of Shut Up About Barclay Perkins fame will be in Vancouver for a special presentation on November 13th.

If you don't know who he is, and you love English and historical beers, this will be right up your alley. If you already know who he is... well, I guess we'll see you there.

Expect things like beer, humour and beer to be covered. $5 for VanBrewer members, $8 for non-members includes your first beer (so, pretty cheap except for the service charge). Tell your mom and dad, they'll love it! So will anyone that likes history, beer or history and beer. Like your friends, especially if they're homebrewers or CAMRA members.

More details and tickets available now.

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September Meeting: you know the drill

Summer is now over, which means we're back to regularly scheduled meetings. As usual, the September meeting is the last Thursday of the month, September 25th at 7pm above the Legion on Commercial Drive. And a always, bring your own tasting glass and some homebrew to share.

This month's presentations TBA.

See you there!

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Harvest Homebrew Challenge – October 5-12

Working in collaboration with the BC Beer Awards, we are happy to announce the Harvest Homebrew Challenge. Think fresh hops, pumpkin and fruit beers... that sort of thing.

Drop off your entries at Bomber Brewing between October 5-12. Judging will occur on October 15th, location TBA. Entry is free and open to any resident of BC who makes beer at home. One entry limit per brewer, so bring your A-game! BJCP categories are in effect, but this will be conducted as a BOS-style comp meaning entries will be judged as which is best overall to the theme, not necessarily best to style.

Entries must be two bottles 12oz in size (though we'll take bigger), and have a BJCP Bottle ID attached via elastic band.

If you have any question, please contact and we'll get you sorted. Get brewing, and good luck!

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No August Club Meeting

In light of the summer party, make sure to remember that there will be no regular club meeting at the end of August. See you in September!

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VanBrewers Summer Party – Saturday, August 9th

You know the routine, all you can drink and eat from 20+ Kegs of beer/cider/mead, 60+ pounds of pulled pork, 40 litres of grits, plenty of fatty sides, vegetarian/vegan options, blah blah blah. 

Free entry for members who bring a keg, $30 strongly suggested donation for everyone else.

If you want to bring a keg but don't own one just message me and I can probably lend one to you for the party.

We'll provide CO2 and ice to keep your kegs and bottles cold, just bring a bucket (an old fermenter works great) to put your keg in. We'll hopefully have enough taps for everyone but maybe bring a picnic tap just incase. Clearly label anything you want returned to you.

Feel free to drop kegs off at the back door beginning August 7th. I'll try to squeeze them into the keg fridge, but no promises.

Bring extra cash or your credit card as we'll hopefully have new shirts and glassware for sale, plus 50/50 and raffle tickets.

We'll be holding a brief general meeting at 3pm to vote on the new by-laws. You must be a member in good standing in order to vote.

The location is right on the Ontario bike route, less than 2 blocks from stops on the #3 and #49 bus lines and a short walk from Langara Station on the Canada Line. Please don't drive.

(view more on the Facebook event page)

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